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Wicker Furniture

  • Wicker Outdoor Furniture
    Choosing the right outdoor wicker furniture means considering not just the appearance, but also the durability, of the furniture.

  • Resin Wicker Furniture
    Today’s resin wicker furniture stands up to many of the challenges Mother Nature throws at it. Rain, high winds, exposure to damaging sunlight – this hardy breed of all-purpose furniture can withstand it all.

  • Wicker Dog Crate
    While they are not actually constructed of wicker (your dog would destroy real wicker), the wicker dog crate has the elegant look of an eighteen hundreds motif box with highlighted corners and complex weave patterns.

  • Wicker Furniture Cushions
    Good wicker furniture cushions are often made from easy to maintain synthetics, such as polyurethane, and stuffed full of materials that do not easily attract mold and mildew.

  • Wicker Bassinet
    It is often safer for newborn babies to sleep in a wicker bassinet rather than in a crib. The small size and portability of a bassinet allows the baby to sleep in the room with its parents and helps them respond quickly to the needs of their new family member.

  • Antique Wicker Furniture
    Recently, due to the cultural revival of wicker, prices have risen on antique wicker products. Foremost, antique pieces from the Arts and Crafts movement and from the Heywood-Wakefield company in Massachusetts have greatly increased in value.


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