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Stepping Stones - Mosaic, Solar, Purchased or Personalized Stepping Stone Paths

Adding stepping stones to your lawn or garden can change a simple path into a destination.  Leading to a pond or a patio, defining a path through an herb garden or along a perennial border, stepping stones can be as simple, or as personal as you want.   Each stone can be unique or your path may be a combination of purchased uniform blocks interspersed with bright unique accent steps.

Solar stepping stones store sunlight and can light your path at night in a dark area of your yard.  Stepping stone kits provide a great craft project for children as they can personalize and design their own contribution to the garden.  Many stores now sell recycled glass that can add design or a spot of color when embedded in a cast concrete stepping stone.

Creating mosaic stepping stones adds a piece of art in your garden and the design is only limited to your imagination.  Mosaics may be broken bits of old pottery or plates or can be small purchased ceramic tiles formed into a design that is inlaid in the mold.  Don't be afraid to be bold with mosaics - remember they will be seen mostly from a distance so let your imagination fly.

The simplest stepping stones can be found at garden and home improvement stores.  They are available in a range of round, square and rectangular sizes and range in color from gray concrete to brick red and tans.  For an easy to build outdoor patio, you can outline an area with edging, remove the grass, add 2-3 inches of common sand.  Then set the stepping stones into the sand making them as level as possible.   Fill the crevices between the stones with small, smooth river rock gravel and you'll have an easy and inexpensive patio that will last for many years.


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