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    Flutterby Living is anything that provides comfort and beauty to your home, your garden, and your lifestyle. Flutterby Style isn't about how much you own - it's about enjoying what you have to the fullest.

  • In Your Home

    • Air Mattress
      The convenience of an air mattress combined with the comfort of a king sized or memory foam air mattress is hard to beat for a guest bedroom.

      • Memory Foam Air Mattress
        Memory foam is a booming industry. This durable material provides excessive comfort – depending on the brand, thickness and composition. The memory foam air mattress is one of these is a new development.

      • Air Mattress Chambers
        A single chamber mattress is basically one big balloon. There is only one air chamber that is the entire interior of the mattress.

      • King Size Air Mattress
        The king size air mattress can reduce stress on your lower back, spine and neck.The convenience involved in owning an air mattress is impossible to ignore.

      • Air Mattress Pump
        Many air mattress pumps are actually embedded within the mattress. This feature is great for a variety of reasons. First, if you are going camping, all it takes is either a car A/C adaptor, or in some cases, a handful of batteries to have instant comfort while roughing it in the woods.

    • Bamboo
      Environmentally friendly bamboo has unlimited uses in your home. From kitchen cabinets to floors, choose bamboo.

      • Bamboo Furniture
        There is bamboo furniture available for virtually any room allowing you to turn even the most basic room into a bamboo room. Add a bamboo sofa to the living room or a bed to the bedroom.

      • Lucky Bamboo Plant
        The lucky bamboo plant has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. This is in part due to the increase in interest in feng shui decorating.

      • Bamboo Floors
        Although bamboo flooring can be finished in different ways, the maintenance procedures apply to most all types of bamboo flooring. One of the quickest ways to damage the finish on bamboo flooring is to walk on it while it is dusty or dirty.

    • Copper
      Copper has become rather expensive but is still in demand for home decor and home design.

      • Copper Sink
        A copper sink is a tremendous deterrent to the volume of problems that can result from a sink turning into a germ farm.

      • Copper Weather Vane
        The popularity of copper weather vanes seems to have increased rather than decreased over the last few decades.

      • Copper Tea Kettle
        Copper tea kettles look good, are extremely durable and it's said the copper makes the tea taste better, too.

    • Portable Air Conditioners
      Use of portable air conditioners has grown in recent years. Adding extra cooling to hot spots in your home with portable air conditioners is effective and energy saving.

    • Security Cameras
      Protecting property with home security cameras is no longer just a foible of the rich - prices are not in the range almost anyone can afford.

      • Dummy Security Cameras
        The beauty of a dummy security camera is that it looks just like a real security camera to anyone who walks by it. Most even have that little blinking red light on them to give people who walk by the sense that they are actually being watched by the camera.

      • Wireless Security Camera
        A wireless security camera is vastly superior to the old system of security camera and those who are still using the old model would be best served with replacing them with the much better cameras that are available today.

      • Motion Sensor Security Camera
        Even your home alarm system is sucking the juice from your local electric grid at every moment of every day. If you are looking for a way to save on your electric bill each month, consider replacing parts of your alarm system with a security camera with motion sensor.

      • Night Vision Security Cameras
        The use of night vision electronics devices has tremendous value for anyone who needs to secure a large area after the sun goes down or illuminating the area with artificial light is not possible.

      • Nanny Cams

    • Slipcovers
      Add slipcovers to your furniture to provide years of additional use. Easily washed slip covers can be changed to suit the season or a new color in your room.

      • Couch Slip Cover
        Using a couch slipcover to change the color of your furniture, extend the life of your sofa or cover up damage previously done to upholstery is an inexpensive way to brighten your room

      • Futon Cover
        Renew your old futon with a new futon slipcover.

      • Wing Chair Slipcover
        Adding a wing chair slipcover will protect upholstery from the scratches and stains caused by pets or children.

      • Sofa Slipcovers
        Old sofas get a new life with sofa slipcovers. Spruce up a bargain find or change the color of your old couch by adding slipcovers.

    • Solar Power
      Call it a green home or a solar powered home - providing alternative energy from the sun is getting easier and cheaper every year.

      • Solar Power House
        What passive solar methods will a solar power house often employ? A solar power house will have skylights and heat-absorbing/radiating floors and walls.

      • Solar Power Kits
        In every solar power kit, you will find the following items at a minimum: a set of solar panels – flexible or hard – connecting cables and a control panel.

      • Solar Power Generator
        There are a number of ways in which to build a solar power generator. And the way you choose will be dependent on your load in watts – and your form of electricity in either direct current or alternating current. If you need alternating current, your solar power generator will be more expensive to build.

      • Solar Power RV
        The major advantage of a solar powered RV is that you only only have to make one investment – the solar panels and possibly a rechargeable battery block.

      • Solar Power Rebate
        A solar power rebate is a form of subsidy from either the state or federal government that is used to stimulate the construction of solar power residential systems and small-scale grids. These solar power rebate initiatives can work in a number of different ways.

      • Residential Solar Power
        The rumors about alternative energy tend to be more pervasive and better-understood than the facts about alternative energy – and its residential applications. Take residential solar power for instance...

    • Wicker Furniture
      New or old is your choice - wicker furniture will enhance your home's design indoors or out.

      • Wicker Outdoor Furniture
        Choosing the right outdoor wicker furniture means considering not just the appearance, but also the durability, of the furniture.

      • Resin Wicker Furniture
        Today’s resin wicker furniture stands up to many of the challenges Mother Nature throws at it. Rain, high winds, exposure to damaging sunlight – this hardy breed of all-purpose furniture can withstand it all.

      • Wicker Dog Crate
        While they are not actually constructed of wicker (your dog would destroy real wicker), the wicker dog crate has the elegant look of an eighteen hundreds motif box with highlighted corners and complex weave patterns.

      • Wicker Furniture Cushions
        Good wicker furniture cushions are often made from easy to maintain synthetics, such as polyurethane, and stuffed full of materials that do not easily attract mold and mildew.

      • Wicker Bassinet
        It is often safer for newborn babies to sleep in a wicker bassinet rather than in a crib. The small size and portability of a bassinet allows the baby to sleep in the room with its parents and helps them respond quickly to the needs of their new family member.

      • Antique Wicker Furniture
        Recently, due to the cultural revival of wicker, prices have risen on antique wicker products. Foremost, antique pieces from the Arts and Crafts movement and from the Heywood-Wakefield company in Massachusetts have greatly increased in value.

  • Outdoor Living | Lawn & Garden

    • Ponds
      A pond can be a quiet still body of water or teeming with fish and fountains and water plants. No matter - a pond is a place for lazy reflection and making childhood memories.

      • Pond Construction
        Considerations for pond construction include size and depth of the pond - and these are the first choices to be made.

      • Pond Accessories
        Pond accessories are strictly aesthetic and can greatly enhance the look of your pond – whether it was built by man or if it is naturally located on your property

      • Pond Algae
        All algae can be killed with the same general methods. However, there are differences between the methods used to kill regular pond algae and string algae, so keep that in mind when trying to clean your pond.

      • Pond Fish
        Pond fish, like all other living animals, must eat in order to live. The food their bodies cannot use is released back into the water as waste. Plants living in the water release waste into the water as well. This waste can be deadly for fish.

    • Barbecue Grill
      Smoker grills can turn a fresh ham or a venison roast into a gourmet treat. Various rubs, glazes and sauces may be added for more flavor and smoking grill enthusiasts will often cut slits in the meat and insert cloves of garlic or herbs that will flavor the meat as it slowly cooks.

    • Planters
      Lightweight molded plantars - or plantars wrapped in stainless steel or copper sheeting - are more often used today. By adding small evergreen plants in the winter, window boxes can be kept attractive year round.

    • Stepping Stones
      Adding stepping stones to your lawn or garden can change a simple path into a destination. Leading to a pond or a patio, defining a path through an herb garden or along a perennial border, stepping stones can be as simple, or as personal as you want.

    • Lawn Sprinklers
      My own favorite lawn sprinkler is a tripod sprinkler. It wasn't until the following summer that I realized what I prize I had in this tripod sprinkler.

    • Fountains
      Flutterby-living isn't about what you own - it's about how you live. There's a fountain tp suit your lifestyle no matter where you live.

    • Landscape Edging
      Flower bed edging is used to separate the grass from the mulch or dirt and provide a clean edge both of mulch and of lawn grass.

    • Hammocks

  • Pets and Wildlife

    • Fish Tank Aquarium
      All maintenance of your aquarium is done for two reasons: to keep the tank clean and to provide a good environment for the health of your fish.

    • Bird Houses
      The addition of bird houses on our property allows us to do our part to restore the natural balance for our feathered friends

    • Bird Feeders
      Bird feeders are highly specialized. Designed for looks, for specific types of birds, to discourage squirrels or bees, the variety and designs of feeders available can make you want to several. Offering several feeders in your yard is a good idea.

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