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Security Cameras

Home security isn't just for the rich any more.  Adding security cameras to your home, to provide a view of your property at night or to observe the quality of care your nanny or caregiver is providing a loved one is a normal part of protecting your home.

  • Dummy Security Cameras
    The beauty of a dummy security camera is that it looks just like a real security camera to anyone who walks by it. Most even have that little blinking red light on them to give people who walk by the sense that they are actually being watched by the camera.

  • Wireless Security Camera
    A wireless security camera is vastly superior to the old system of security camera and those who are still using the old model would be best served with replacing them with the much better cameras that are available today.

  • Motion Sensor Security Camera
    Even your home alarm system is sucking the juice from your local electric grid at every moment of every day. If you are looking for a way to save on your electric bill each month, consider replacing parts of your alarm system with a security camera with motion sensor.

  • Night Vision Security Cameras
    The use of night vision electronics devices has tremendous value for anyone who needs to secure a large area after the sun goes down or illuminating the area with artificial light is not possible.

  • Nanny Cams


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