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A pond can be a quiet still body of water or teeming with fish. splashing fountains and water plants.  No matter - a pond is a place for lazy reflection and making childhood memories.  Sitting by a pond in a comfy chair or lying on the grass and letting your mind wander....showing tadpoles to children or watching koi fish and their antics.   Enjoying a pond is living flutteby style....


  • Pond Construction
    Considerations for pond construction include size and depth of the pond - and these are the first choices to be made.

  • Pond Accessories
    Pond accessories are strictly aesthetic and can greatly enhance the look of your pond – whether it was built by man or if it is naturally located on your property

  • Pond Algae
    All algae can be killed with the same general methods. However, there are differences between the methods used to kill regular pond algae and string algae, so keep that in mind when trying to clean your pond.

  • Pond Fish
    Pond fish, like all other living animals, must eat in order to live. The food their bodies cannot use is released back into the water as waste. Plants living in the water release waste into the water as well. This waste can be deadly for fish.


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