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Planters - Container Gardening for Easy Maintenance

Adding a tree planter to your lawn is a way to add ornamentals such as bamboo that have a tendency to spread beyond their borders.  It's also useful for ornamntals such as Confederate Rose which have a tendency to produce "suckers" around them.

A true tree plantar is simply a very large and deep container with a tree planted in it.  If you prefer a more finished look, you can build a bench around a large existing tree, mulch the area of ground between bench and tree.  This gives the impression of a special planted tree - but one that has been around for a long time.

Hanging plantars can contain any combination of flowers, plants or herbs.  Combining vining plants with flowering ones produces the most attractive displays.   Plastic is a good choice for hanging plantars.  The light weight combined with good water rentention makes this an ideal container to hang.   Using some trailing plants as part of the floral design will hide the pot with blooms and leaves.

Window plantars never seem to go out of style - the styles simply change over time.  The simple cedar or painted wooden plantar boxes that used to be common window planters are now more commonly used for deck or patio plants.   New lightweight but attractive molded plantars - or plantars wrapped in stainless steel or copper sheeting - are more often used today.   By adding small evergreen plants in the winter, window boxes can be kept attractive year round.

Building a box planter is an easy project.  Wood treated to withstand the elements may leach harmful substances that damage plants and are also toxic to pets and wildlife.  If building a wooden plantar, protect it from moisture damage by using a primer and painting the pieces before assembly. 



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