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Pets and Wildlife

Having pets enriches our lives.  Our pets love us simply because we exist.  (Well, our dogs love us for that -our cats love us for feeding them.)  Finding pets to fit your livestyle - or enjoying the wildlife in your yard or garden - is a necessary step to fully enjoying your property. 

  • Fish Tank Aquarium
    All maintenance of your aquarium is done for two reasons: to keep the tank clean and to provide a good environment for the health of your fish.

  • Bird Houses
    The addition of bird houses on our property allows us to do our part to restore the natural balance for our feathered friends

  • Bird Feeders
    Bird feeders are highly specialized. Designed for looks, for specific types of birds, to discourage squirrels or bees, the variety and designs of feeders available can make you want to several. Offering several feeders in your yard is a good idea.



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