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Outdoor Living - Enjoying the Fun, Food and Memories in Your Yard and Garden

Adding architectural elements such as paths, fountains and pavers to your yard and garden is an inexpensive way to dress up the area surrounding your home.  Your outdoor living areas can be as stylish and enjoyable as the inside of your home with the simple addition of comfortable patio furniture or a water garden.  A simple planting of fragrant herbs near a garden bench creates a peacful retreat in your garden.

  • Ponds
    A pond can be a quiet still body of water or teeming with fish and fountains and water plants. No matter - a pond is a place for lazy reflection and making childhood memories.

  • Barbecue Grill
    Smoker grills can turn a fresh ham or a venison roast into a gourmet treat. Various rubs, glazes and sauces may be added for more flavor and smoking grill enthusiasts will often cut slits in the meat and insert cloves of garlic or herbs that will flavor the meat as it slowly cooks.

  • Planters
    Lightweight molded plantars - or plantars wrapped in stainless steel or copper sheeting - are more often used today. By adding small evergreen plants in the winter, window boxes can be kept attractive year round.

  • Stepping Stones
    Adding stepping stones to your lawn or garden can change a simple path into a destination. Leading to a pond or a patio, defining a path through an herb garden or along a perennial border, stepping stones can be as simple, or as personal as you want.

  • Lawn Sprinklers
    My own favorite lawn sprinkler is a tripod sprinkler. It wasn't until the following summer that I realized what I prize I had in this tripod sprinkler.

  • Fountains
    Flutterby-living isn't about what you own - it's about how you live. There's a fountain tp suit your lifestyle no matter where you live.

  • Landscape Edging
    Flower bed edging is used to separate the grass from the mulch or dirt and provide a clean edge both of mulch and of lawn grass.

  • Hammocks


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