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Finding Your New Favorite Lawn Sprinkler

If you have a lawn or garden area you will need a lawn sprinkler of some sort.  From simple $10 units that attach to a garden hose to complex drip systems, tripods and underground watering systems, lawn sprinkler sales boom during summer months.   The type of lawn watering products you choose to use will be based on your budget and water availability where you live.  In arid climates where water may be closely rationed during the hottest months of the year, efficiency in watering may dictate adding a drip system.
Where water restrictions are not often a problem, the variety of lawn sprinklers available to homeowners is much broader.

My own favorite sprinkler is a tripod sprinkler.  Mine was the homeowner's equivalent of a professional tripod sprinkler and my reason for buying was that it was offered at a tremendous end of season sales price.  It wasn't until the following summer that I realized what I prize I had in this tripod sprinkler.  Targeting water to a specific planting bed, a large grassy area or along a fenceline is simple even for nontechnical me as it requires only minor adjustments to change the watering pattern.  The tripod is sturdy and problem free and can water from a height of 5 feet or closer to the ground if desired.  It is lightweight and stores easily in a corner of my garage during winter months.  This lucky buy is my most used garden tool!

There is a great variety of sprinkler heads available and the only caution is to choose one that suits the water pressure you have available.  A sprinkler head that sprays a large quantity of water at a time may not work well in an area of lower water pressure.
The only other caution in choosing a sprinkler head is to choose one that suits the size of the area you need to water.  If you have a small lawn, you don't need a sprinkler that will water your neighbor's grass as well as your own.  It's wise to buy the best quality you can afford.  Cheap sprinklers may (or may not) last one season while a high quality sprinkler head will serve you well for many years with minimal care.

Of course, you can't do much better for irrigation than installing an understand sprinkler system.   Once installed, these are easy to use and can be set to sprinkle automatically at designated times of the day.  When not in use, the sprinkler heads retract to ground level and there are no hoses of visible irrigation paraphernalia visible in your yard.   Though expensive to install, these underground watering systems will increase the value of your property and once installed are the easiest method of irrigation you can have.

For excellent lawn irrigation, you can't do better than an Orbit sprinkler system.  Known for quality products, superior performance and durability, Orbit sprinklers are unique top of the line products.  Offering underground, water saving and professional products, almost any sprinkler you need can be found in the Orbit catalog.

Orbit Sprinklers are works of art in simplicity and power and allow any homeowner to design a watering system that will server their landscape well.   The most recent innovation is dubbed the "Smart Sprinkling" system - a new sophisticated sprinkler that is designed to save significant costs on your water bills.



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