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Landscape Edging - Add a Finishing Touch to Gardens, Lawns and Driveways

Adding  edging to a flower bed can be a beautiful addition to a garden.   The structure added by crisp edging enhanced the flowers and adds architectural interest to the garden. 

Edging flower beds with wood, brick, steel or molded vinyl imposts some order on the display and turns it into a focal point of your lawn rather than an untidy display of color.   Without flower bed edging, the flowers become nothing more than a more colorful, nicer version of weeds running rampant in the garden.

In landscaping projects, flower bed edging is used to separate the grass from the mulch or dirt and provide a clean edge both of mulch and of lawn grass.

Professional landscapers most often use metal edging in lawn and garden design.  Though strong and long lasting, metal edging can be difficult for the average homeowner to install – especially if there are curves needed to outline the planting beds.  One advantage of metal edging is the depth it extends into the ground as it acts as a barrier to spreading grasses and thus provides ease of maintenance of your lawn.

Another option is using pavers to edge a landscaped area of the yard.  Placed on the ground itself, pavers aren't as efficient at preventing the spread of grass and weeds but are easy to install and provide a neat line that define planting beds.  The best type of installation for pavers is to lay them with the top level with the surrounding ground.  This allows the homeowner to easily pass his lawn mower over the line of pavers and saves hours of chores with a weed eater each summer.

An alternative to flat pavers are the variety of formed concrete edging that can be purchased at home and garden stores.  Durable and attractive, concrete edging is a cost effective alternative.

The least expensive option for edging is molded vinyl.  The product is of uniform length and often has a design element to make it appear from a distance as small logs or even concrete.  If using a neutral color, the vinyl edging can work well and has molded stakes as part of the design which makes installation fast and easy.


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