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Style for Your Home - the Flutterby Living Way

Adding more style or color to your home doesn't require expensive furniture purchases or a designer.  Design wins out over dollars when it comes to decorating a family home.   Simple touches - a gathering of framed photos, bamboo blinds or flooring, slipcovers to brighten up a couch or chair make big changes in a room's appearance.  Don't be too "coordinated" - if everything matches too perfectly, your room will look like a catalog photo rather than reflect your personality. 


  • Air Mattress
    The convenience of an air mattress combined with the comfort of a king sized or memory foam air mattress is hard to beat for a guest bedroom.

  • Bamboo
    Environmentally friendly bamboo has unlimited uses in your home. From kitchen cabinets to floors, choose bamboo.

  • Copper
    Copper has become rather expensive but is still in demand for home decor and home design.

  • Portable Air Conditioners
    Use of portable air conditioners has grown in recent years. Adding extra cooling to hot spots in your home with portable air conditioners is effective and energy saving.

  • Security Cameras
    Protecting property with home security cameras is no longer just a foible of the rich - prices are not in the range almost anyone can afford.

  • Slipcovers
    Add slipcovers to your furniture to provide years of additional use. Easily washed slip covers can be changed to suit the season or a new color in your room.

  • Solar Power
    Call it a green home or a solar powered home - providing alternative energy from the sun is getting easier and cheaper every year.

  • Wicker Furniture
    New or old is your choice - wicker furniture will enhance your home's design indoors or out.



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