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Swinging In a Hammock - A Flutterby-Living Essential Summer Pastime

What defines summer as lazily as lounging in a hammock gently swinging beneath a tree?  If you visit the Yucatan Peninsula you'll notice hamoocks are furnishing staple for homes and yards.   Most common there is the fabric hammock.  Unlike rope weave models which may pinch users, the fabric hammock is composed of either a quilted fabric or a sturdy material composed of synthetic fibers or a heavy cotton.

There are many variations of hammocks with names often reflecting geographical locations.  Some are meant to be draped between two trees or other structures but the most common here are those that are suspended from a frame meant for the purpose.

Four point hammocks are easy to use and don't require the careful balance when getting in and out that two and three point hammocks demand.  The Mayan hammock is easiest to use if you are relaxed and calm.  As you lower yourself into the Mayan hammock you must reach behind you with one arm and spread the fabric before completely sitting down.  Once you are seated with weight distributed evenly you can slowly lower yourself to a comfortable position laying down.  Trying to rush into a Mayan hammock can leave you dumped on the ground as the hammock spins out of control.

The popular Pawley's Island hammock style is best used tied to trees about 12 feet apart but is also used with hammock stands.
This is one of the oldest brand of hammock still manufactured today and is sold around the world.  The solid surface on Pawley's Island hammocks can be difficult to clean.  Best method is to use mild soap and water and a brush.  You can then use a hose to rinse the soap residue and dirt from the fabric.

Rope hammocks are a bit tricky to use but extremely comfortable once you are in position to enjoy them.  You can clean a rope hammock in a bathtub of soapy water, rinse it well and allow it dry outside thoroughly.

When buying a hammock the method of attachment may be more important to you than the fabric is.  Two point hammocks tend to wrap the user almost like a cocoon but entering and exiting that style can be, shall we say, interesting.  My preference is a three point hammock.  With two hooks at the one end and one hook at the other, you still have some of the swinging that makes a hammock fun - but it's much easier to lay down or get up without being dumped.  Four point hammocks are sturdy and won't slip out from under you but you do lose that feeling of swaying that is the point of using a hammock in the first place.



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