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Fountains - It's About How You Live

Flutterby-living isn't about what you own - it's about how you live.  Perhaps nothing is more soothing than the sound of falling water.  No matter where you live, how much space or money you have available, there's a fountain that will suit your lifestyle.  For apartment dwellers, a small table top model place on a bedside table can help you relax into sleep.

Inside or outside, wall fountains can be simple spouts pouring into a basin or sheet of glass or plexiglass with water cascasing down the surface.  If you are building a new patio you might consider building in one or more small fountains that will shoot a stream of water straight up from the the patio.  One problem with fountain installations in the past was the need for installing electrical wiring for the fountain pumps.  The newest models today are solar powered fountains, saving installation costs and utility costs, too.

For those fortunate to have a pond on their property, pond fountains and pond pumps not only provide a wonderful background of water sounds but also aerate water in the pond and help control algae.  For the more ambitious, there are pond statuaries that add both art and water fountain activity to your water feature.

Homeowners that want traditional water fountains can find any style in almost any size that will lend an architectural feature to your lawn, your garden, a patio or courtyard.  The styles, materials and available sizes of water fountains is truly amazing.  Finding a fountain to fit your home and your budget is easier than ever. 

Having a fountain with the sounds of water spraying, gurgling or falling is flutterby living at it's very best.  Fountains are affordable luxuries that will add to the serenity of your home.


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