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Bird Feeders

You can buy or build a bird feeder - but any simple shallow container that can be mounted above the ground or hung from a tree limb will serve lunch to the feathered friends.  If using a feeder that offers no enclosure to protect the seed, add small holes for drainage of rainwater to your feeder.

Bird feeders are highly specialized.  Designed for looks, for specific types of birds, to discourage squirrels or bees, the variety and designs of feeders available can make you want to several.  Offering several feeders in your yard is a good idea.  

In my yard I have thistle sock feeders for the tiny finches and other small songbirds.  I am careful to hang these soft feeders in areas without much surrounding vegetation and the colorful finches are here daily. I love to watch their antics.  I also keep a "general" feeder for larger birds and a couple for my friends the blue birds and the cardinals.  In one corner of the yard where there is a cluster of three trees I have "critter feeders" with dried corn and other goodies to suit the squirrels and other furry friends.

For hummingbirds, a feeder with bee guards and ant moats is best.  These are usually made of glass and have several small perches.  I've tested many hummingbird feeders that simply don't work.  There has to be sufficient capacity but also ease of cleaning is crucial.  Mold and mildew can build up in the these liquid feeders and the must be filled frequently with fresh nectar and kept clean.  I like to hand 2-3 hummingbird feeders from limbs of the same large oak tree.  Then I sit on my lounge chair beneath the tree as the hummingbirds fly past me again and again moving from one feeder to another.   Ok - doesn't take much to entertain me but it's a relaxing break in a busy day.

Window bird feeders attach to the outside of a window on your home - great for letting kids watch birds but it can be difficutl to encourage birds to use these feeders.  During winter months when food is scarce, you will have more birds willing to use this type of feeder.


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